Instructions for creating an autonomous sentry gun

I wanted to make one of these for a long time. The problem was that there were no reasonable tutorials or guides on how to proceed. Additionally I am not a programmer by a long shot so the software was also a problem. This was actually the biggest problem, there was no type of software available at all.

So read that again and think long and hard if you want to trust this man to teach you how to build an autonomous weapon that will shoot at anything that movies. Are you thinking? Don’t lie. The gun will be able to tell. And it will follow you and shoot you.

So this dude has been wanting to make one of these for a long time. He used a computer, a camera, servos, and a gun with laser sight to create something you’d pick up in Half-Life 2 and put down in a spot where those dudes with the radios come out.

It doesn’t actually look like he mounted a gun to his little system, but, as with all fun-time anarchists, it’s easiest to remove the last important step and let the mad man or fool add in the final important part. Luckily, this kit looks a too weak to hold up a Derringer let alone a chain gun.

via BoingBoing