MAINGEAR ups its game, announces the SHIFT high performance line

shift_cover_offEveryone, Maingear has created a beast in its new SHIFT series. These systems are massive towers of gaming and computing powering. You won’t find any design nonsense here. Every aspect of these boys were designed with performance in mind and it shows.

The Shift line has two slightly different systems available. the Intel P55 line comes with a Core i7 800 series, up to 8GB of RAM, a Intel Kingsberg P55 Extreme Series motherboard, and your choice of graphics card. Customizing starts at $2,199 for this line.

Got a little more disposable income, eh? The Intel X58 line starts at $2,599 but it comes packing a Core i7 900 series, an X58 SLI motherboard and up to 12 GB of RAM. Both options of course come with the standard optical drive options, Razer speakers, liquid cooling, and Windows 7.

Yeah, these computers are serious. We just can’t wait to see how serious they are once the benchmarks start rolling in.