Thank you for reading MobileCrunch, folks.

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We don’t get a chance to do this very often, but I wanted to start this lovely Monday morning off with something I’ve wanted to say for a while: Thanks for reading us, everyone.

MobileCrunch launched in September of 2006. Around mid-2008, we changed things up a bit – and we’ve seen monumental growth ever since. MobileCrunch has gone nowhere but up across the board. Pageviews and unique visitor counts have sky-rocketed, our dedicated readership has exploded, and we’re getting the opportunity to break more stories each and every month. October was our best month ever, on every metric we can gauge.

It’s all thanks to you, dear readers. You stop by for your daily dose of mobile news, maybe share a story or two with friends on Twitter – and MobileCrunch flourishes into a better site as a result. For that, we can’t thank you enough. We’ll keep the coverage coming, and we’ll try to squeeze in a few awesome contests this month as a thanks to you guys – but in the mean time, keep tuning in. You guys and gals are amazing.