The Halloween Costume Contest Vote-Off Begins!

Happy post-Halloween! Thanks for sending in your costumes and thanks, most of you, for following the rules. That said, I’m proud to show you the 11 best costumes in this line-up, as judged by all of us at CG. I added one extra because we just couldn’t bear to choose between the various Iron Men we saw.

Here’s how to vote:

1. 1 vote = 1 comment. You can vote once for each and any entrant. You can vote for multiple entrants.
2. Do not use robots. Seriously. There are kids in this contest and although I suspect their parents are just using them to get a free XBox, let’s give them a fighting chance.
3. We’ll pick the entrant with the most votes as of noon Eastern on November 10. The winner gets the XBox.

Special thanks to Microsoft for giving us an Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console to give away.

That said, vote away!

#1 – Sackboy
#2 – Wild Thing
#3 – Iron Man Heavy Artillery
#4 – Firefox
#5 – Wall-E
#6 – The Claw
#7 – Lego Dude
#8 – Kid from House Party
#9 – ARLEN
#10 – GuyPhones
#11 (bonus) – Iron Man