Video: Strange Japanese hamburger vending machine


Everybody knows Japan loves them vending machines. And even though machines selling panties don’t exist over here, you can still find strange models from time to time. Case in point: A hamburger vending machine in Tokyo [JP] that sells one burger at a time because it’s operated manually.

The machine is owned by a guy running a restaurant right behind it. Insert a 100 Yen coin ($1.10) and you’ll get a so-called “Tateishi Hamburger”, but don’t expect a second coin to get you another one. In that case, you need to walk into the restaurant and directly order from the owner who says all of his burgers are handmade.

Here’s how the machine looks from behind:


There’s also a “Royal Tateishi Burger”, which costs 300 Yen and comes out of a second vending machine that stands right next to the 100 Yen model. According to the owner, 20-30 people order a burger through the machines per day.

This picture shows the 100 Yen burger:


This video shows how the mechanism works:

Via Japan Probe