Woot Buzz for iPhone ensures you don't miss the next Bag Of Crap

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It’s probably a bit less apparent on this side of the fence than it is over at CrunchGear, but we loves us some Woot around these parts. Where else can you buy a “Bag of Crap” that you’d actually be excited to receive?

Thing is, it gets a bit tough to keep up with Woot when you’ve got other, less entertaining tasks to do. Gotta drop the kids off at karate? Meh. Visit Grandma? What if Woot offers up a titanium bread box? You’ve been waiting for a titanium bread box for like 3 months.

Now you can do all that boring stuff and keep an eye out for that bread box.

Paul Katzoff’s new $2 iPhone app Woot Buzz [Note: iTunes Link] does one thing, and one thing only: it watches Woot for you. You punch in your criteria, your phone number, and then identify which sections of Woot you want to monitor. Once it hits a match, Woot Buzz will shoot you an SMS informing you about the deal.