A very detailed look at Apple's new iPod touch-based checkout

easypay-091103-4Apple is finally getting rid of the ass-ugly Winmo-based handheld checkout systems in its Apple Stores. After all, the devices themselves were always kind of an ironic statement to the vast adaption and usefulness of Window Mobile. But those will soon be gone and the checkout systems will use an iPod touch with a card scanner snapped onto the back. Oh, and yeah, it’s a whole lot sexier than the Winmo version and just looks like an iPod touch external battery/case.

easypay-091103-2AppleInsider has more info than you probably wanna know about the new device. But to summarize, the new system is about as Apple-fied as you can get with an UI that features flickable menus, a clean interface, but yet still robust with the ability to ring-up transactions and return merchandise.

The new system was built to make ringing up iPhones a lot simplier too. The scanner can detect and scan all four barcodes on the iPhone box and fill in the appropriate data fields automatically. Welcome to the future according to Apple, everyone.