Archos 9 tablet PC just now available for pre-order at $550


Although previously targeted for launch on October 22nd with a price tag of $500, it looks like Archos’ 9-inch tablet is just now available for pre-order on the company’s web site and priced at $550.

Official specs (according to the product page) include:

  • 8.9″ screen
  • Windows 7 Starter Edition
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Extremely light and thin, .67″ and 29 ounces
  • HD Video: Watch video in 1080p (H264HP 1080p)
  • Internet: Experience the full internet on a 8.9″ screen
  • Edit and create documents with the QWERTY virtual keyboard
  • Forward facing 1.3MP web cam for video conferencing
  • Battery Life: 5hr (WiFi Bluetooth off, mini backlight)

There’s a topic over in the forum with some loose shipment information being bandied about that might be worth keeping an eye on if you’re waiting for yours.

Archos 9 [Product Page via Engadget]