Rumor: Walmart selling $199 Xbox 360 with $100 gift card on Saturday?


Well what have we here? It seems that a “retail tipster” sent Kotaku the following inventory screen showing this potentially enticing deal: an Xbox 360 Arcade system for $199 “with $100 GC.” Let’s pretend for fun that “GC” means “gift card” shall we?

You’ll also notice a few other pretty aggressive deals: 42-inch TV for $498, HP laptop for $298, Sony Blu-ray player for $148, and so on and so forth.

This is still all in the rumor phase, although there’s apparently an official announcement expected tomorrow. The above screenshot looks plausible, too, I suppose.

UPDATE: It’s all legit. See for details.

Xbox 360 with $100 Card for $200 This Weekend [Kotaku]