The perfect room: a bed, TV, and an Xbox 360


Clearly the designers of this media room don’t care if you sit too close to the TV.

The whole house is featured over on Design Sponge, but this media setup caught my attention. I’m jealous.

Kid’s Loft – The French movie poster  from “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down” I got from my brother who worked with Pedro Almodovar for over 10 years. The TV swings out so they can watch TV from their desks. Boi Sconces are from Pucci International, king size futon upholstered in espadrille fabric from Donghia. We set up a king upholstered mattress to lounge, play X-box and have kids sleep over.

I was constantly getting yelled at for sitting too close to my 27-inch TV growing up. You’ll get a headache! It’s bad for your eyes! Blah, blah, blah. Well, I can tell you I never got a headache from it and my eyes are bad because of genetics, not from watching Captain Planet two feet away from the TV.

Actually that media room is kind of my dream bedroom: a king size mattress stretching from wall to wall and a TV with an Xbox 360. That’s all you need, really.