Too expensive? DJ Hero sales ‘modest’


While there’s no hard numbers, an analyst over at Capital Markets has called the sales of DJ Heromodest.” Usually you want phrases like “brisk pace” and “exceeding expectations” when you release big ticket games like DJ Hero, but it doesn’t seem to be happening here.

You already know why: the game is too expensive. It’s asking a lot of consumers to spend at least $120 on a video game ($200 for the special edition), the genre of which may be played out, when the economy still hasn’t picked up for the average person yet.

Or maybe the DJ culture isn’t as attractive as the whole rock and roll culture?

It should be noted that the game isn’t necessarily bad, with our own Greg Kumparak saying it “doesn’t suck horribly.” High praise from the big man.

I also don’t recall seeing a big marketing campaign behind the game. Maybe people just don’t know enough about it?

Whatever the reason, the game isn’t quite a huge hit.