Bizarre trailer for Japanese erotic video game features Obama


The market for video and computer games featuring erotic content, the so-called eroge, is huge in Japan. As a lot of smaller and independent software companies are battling it out in a highly competitive field, you often come across a lot of bizarre stuff (I’ve heard). School girl- or tentacle-themed games, for example, are especially popular (although the bulk of the latter are being shipped to a person called Bohn Jiggs who lives in Brooklyn/New York, as my industry contacts told me recently).

Another of those strange erotic games, called “My Boyfriend Is the President”, hit Japanese stores on October 30. The plot: Aliens brainwash the entire human population into thinking their leaders are in fact cute girls. I’m not sure what the developers were smoking, but I’m sure this game will become as big as the next Final Fantasy.


Now some Japanese geek with too much time on his hands took the original theme song of the game and made his own promo trailer for the movie (caps above). Even the pope makes an appearance.

It’s just weird, as you can see here:

And here’s the original game trailer with English voice-over, which is just a little less bizarre:

Japan Probe via Yamatologic