Hai Karate! The Black Belt Watch is for black belts only

Remember those watches made out of pieces of the Titanic? Or that watch with the little moon lander on it? Well Yvan Arpa, the nutso horologist behind those treats has finally hit the a new level of crazy. Homeboy is a has a black belt and, in order to honor his fellow black belts, he’s created a watch just for black belts. It’s a watch for black belts only. And it costs about $4,000.

The site accepts applications for their watches and the design takes queues from other martial arts including creating hands that look like Shinai, wooden Kendo swords.

Ariel writes:

One the rear of the watch is the most important phrase. There is engraved “For Black Belt Only,” apparently in rose gold. To me, it is a lot like those cheesy hats that remark “I am number 1.” At least here it is hidden on the back. If there was ever a watch that was based on emotion, it is this. I don’t know how many black belts there are in the world, but if you see someone with this watch, ask them to prove it to you. I suppose the alternative is wearing your black belt on the exterior of your clothes all the time.