HP Envy 14 coming soon? HP support document seems to think so

HP might not be done with the Envy line. The Envy 13 and Envy 15 might get a sibiling if an entry in an HP support document is to be believed. Sitting right along side current models are two entries that are clearly labeled Envy 14. Hmmm.

While I totally believe that HP has more in store for the Envy line, the 14-inch screen size seems a little strange, but not out of question for HP. After all, HP and other PC manufacturers are known for outing every possible combination of hardware and screen size rather than employing Apple’s K.I.S.S strategy. I expected an Envy 17 right away, but it looks like we’ll see a 14-incher first, although the timetable is still in question. [Notebook Review via Engadget]