Special feather stylus for early buyers of Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks

Well, it looks like Nintendo has done it to us again. Purchasers of the new game, The Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks in Japan will receive <a href="a special transparent quill stylus when they buy the game. It’s not even a pre-order bonus, it’s going to be given out on launch day — just not in the U.S.

To be fair, we have seen these stylii before. In 2007, Nintendo offered them as a bribe reward for registering the Phantom Hourglass, and filling out a short survey. And, we don’t know for certain that we won’t see this offered in North America. It hasn’t been mentioned as a pre-order item yet, but who knows. I do know I wouldn’t mind having one. Spirit Tracks will be available in Japan on December 7th.