Verizon to raise ETF to $350 on "advanced devices"

vzw etf

Don’t expect to scam Verizon on BOGO deals anymore, folks. The carrier is raising early termination fees on Novermber 15 to $350 for “advance devices” only. Clearly VZW is targeting users who were abusing the buy one get one free BlackBerry deals and those that figured out that it was cheaper cancel their current contract and pay the $175 ETF than to pay full retail for the hot new handsets like the Droid.

The leaked document doesn’t exactly spell out which devices qualify as advanced, but chances are it’s any BlackBerry, Android, or Winmo handsets. The new fee does decrease every month by $10, which is a plus. So you know what this change means, right? You have a week and a half left to scam Verizon.