Best Buy to sell Modern Warfare 2 at midnight and fuel your gaming obsession even more


Look out, Walmart. Best Buy is going to sell Modern Warefare 2 at midnight too. But unlike Walmart, Best Buy’s average middle of the night clientele doesn’t look like this. or this. or this. The line will start at 10:30 p.m. and at 12:01 a.m., you and a few other socially-stunted gamers will get a chance to buy the game. How exciting. If you must be the first to own the game, there is a nice little advantage to buying the game at Best Buy instead of Walmart though.

Yeah, Best Buy will be offering an instant $10 gift card to Reward Zone Gamer’s Club members, which is more than enough reason to buy the game at Best Buy if you ask me. Hell, I would buy the game at PetCo if they offered me $10 off. Plus, there will be additional giveaways during the event.

Click over to the Best Buy info page for the complete list of participating stores.