Twitter Comes To The ADC Market

crescendo-networks Crescendo Networks, a maker of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products built to improve server efficiency, will announce tomorrow the impending launch of their new add-on management appliance, the AppBeat SC Service Controller. The AppBeat SC Service Controller is designed to monitor multiple AppBeat application delivery controllers. This product will give users the option to be alerted via Twitter, as well as email or SNMP, if any degradation to their network is detected.

As web-based properties grow and traffic increases, the need for more servers becomes apparent, and with that, server efficiency becomes a priority. Crescendo Networks’ AppBeat DC is a plug-and-play piece of hardware which offloads many CPU intensive tasks which in turn adds more processing cycles available for multiple applications. By doing this, servers are able to handle more users without degrading their experience and the servers needed are reduced.

The AppBeat SC Service Controller monitors these AppBeat DC modules to make sure that they are running as efficiently as possible. This add-on is able to collect and store information from these modules for 18 months which can be used to create trending reports as well as deliver real-time alerts (via Twitter, email, and SNMP) on application delivery and networking. Admins are also available to leverage Crescendo’s support team to monitor the twitter stream to improve assistance.

twitter screenshot

AppBeat SC Service Controller comes with predefined alerts, but users are able to customize them as they see fit. Users are able to flag certain traffic volumes which exceed a pre-set threshold, thus avoiding premium charges from ISP’s. In addition, the Service Controller can alert the admin of a degradation in alert times to a particular server.

Crescendo was founded in 2002 and began shipping their products in 2006.