Activision calls DJ Hero but a ‘first step’ in expanding the music game genre beyond rock


Here’s comes another DJ Hero story. Activision called the game’s launch “successful” at a conference call yesterday, saying that the game represents a “first step toward diversifying beyond rock” and into other genres, like hip hop and electronic music. In other words, the game’s soft sales aren’t necessarily a cause for alarm (if you were ever concerned in the first place).

We’ve already discussed why the game didn’t exactly fly off the shelf: it’s too expensive; people may be burned out on the music game genre; DJing doesn’t appeal to people the way that rock does; and so on. Activision did address one issue, and said that the game’s marketing campaign had only begun in earnest during the World Series. People can’t play a game they don’t know exists.

Activision had better hope that “people may be burned out on the music game genre” isn’t the case if it truly intends for DJ Hero to be a “first step” in branching out to other genres.

And of these genres, which ones have any chance at all of success in the U.S.? You can assume hip hop has the best shot, given its popularity, while electronic music is nowhere near as popular here as it is in Europe.

So yeah, Activision isn’t too concerned right now with DJ Hero‘s performance. Baby steps.