Casio plans to enter the OLED game


OLED can still pretty much be considered a thing of the future, but we’re getting closer to use the technology in our homes every month. Today, Casio Computer announced [JP] it has teamed up with Tokyo-based technology company Toppan Printing to develop and produce OLED panels. The new joint venture will start operations from April 2010, with both companies involved saying they’ll focus on manufacturing OLED panels sized ten inches and smaller first (like the one you see in the picture).

Those OLED screens are supposed to be used in digital cameras and cell phones by 2015. But Casio and Toppan also said they will conduct R&D to eventually develop bigger sized OLEDs, for example for TVs, too. The OLEDs will be manufactured using high-polymer-type organic electroluminescent compounds, whereas OLED production today is mainly based on low-polymer organic compounds. According to the companies, their method is more efficient and simpler.

Casio will first transfer 600 employees to a new firm, which will be established in February and will focus exclusively on OLED development. Toppan says it will then buy 80% of all outstanding shares of the joint venture (total capitalization: $4.5 million).