Epson develops world's first 4K-compatible HTPS TFT LCD panel for 3LCD projectors


In June, Epson said it has begun mass-production of the world’s first HTPS-TFT panel boasting WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). And today, five months later, the same company announced [press release in English] what it claims is the world’s first 4K-compatible HTPS (high-temperature polysilicon) TFT LCD panel for 3LCD projectors.

The new panel is sized at 1.64 inches diagonally and boasts a resolution of 4,096×2,160, which is nothing less than four times the resolution of a full HD screen. The simple diagram below visualizes the difference between 4K and full HD resolutions.


What this means is that we get high-performance panels for 3LCD projectors, which use chips in every projector. Every one of these three chips produces images (here is a demo movie), that are said to be very bright and richer in color.

The general public will get a chance to view Epson’s new projector at the Inter BEE exhibition that starts next week in Tokyo.