PROfounders Capital finally gets a web site to call its own

So the PRO Founders Capital web site just went live. Since we broke the news last Summer that this new Seed stage fund for tech startups was launching on the European scene they have kept pretty quiet. Until today there was literally no Web site for this fund. Now they have one. So what can we learn about them?

Well, we know where they live now, though entrepreneurs desperate to get funding would be advised not to stumble in with a business plan unannounced.

More interesting is their strategy. Here’s their take on things:

We are a venture capital fund for entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs. Our investors and principals number some of the best-known players within the digital media space — people who have built some of Europe’s most successful companies.

In addition, PROfounders has an extensive network of contacts from large corporate, new entrepreneurs and established founders and leverages this to be an interface between old and new media and to enhance the opportunities available to its investments.

Our aim is to invest in and support new businesses with capital plus proactive advice and expertise in order to create long-term value and promote entrepreneurism. We believe that the combination of dynamic new entrepreneurs and PROfounders Capital’s principals’ experience leads to mutual benefits, interesting long-term co-operation and a strong base for new ventures to flourish.

What We Invest In

Our focus is on capital efficient, early-stage companies operating in the digital media and technology space. We look for companies that have disciplined and innovative management and which address large potential markets, using technologies that are new or clearly differentiated from any incumbents to generate identifiable revenue streams that can be scaled.

Typically our initial investment will be between £0.5m – £2.5m with the scope and intention to support future financing rounds where necessary and appropriate. Our principal geographical focus is on European-based companies.

That’s fairly clear, but in case it’s not, here are the key words: capital efficient. In other words they are looking for startups which are running lean and keen.

Lastly, there is no blog on the site, only an aggregrated feed of key team members Tweet stream. Innovative I think.