Amazon finally releases the Kindle for PC app (but it's still in beta)

Huzzah! PC users can finally include their computers within the each of Amazon’s syncing capabilities with the Kindle for PC app. The just released beta finally gives PC users a viable ebook reading option on a program that doesn’t look like it was designed for Windows 95. Although the majority of users will probably be those that already own a Kindle and just want to turn a few pages while at work, still relying on a Kindle for most of the reading. The app is pretty darn powerful in of itself, but there are some notable drawbacks and limitations.

The Kindle for PC app has full access to the Kindle Book store, but it’s through the computers Internet browsers and not a touchscreen-friendly app. Ebooks look great in the app but only Kindle ebooks; you can’t import anything including PDFs or any other ebook. The app itself looks great but isn’t especially meant for a a touchscreen.

Amazon is onto something here but it’s a good thing this app is still in a beta. If Amazon could make the app a little more touchscreen friendly with larger buttons and a dedicated book store, it very well could be a must-have app on all the touchscreen MID and UMPCs. The stradegy would be solid, get those proven gadget fans hooked with a free app and then possible sell them a Kindle. If they don’t buy a Kindle, at least they are still dropping $10 for each book. That’s money.

The beta is free so why not jump over to Amazon and download it yourself. Mac users will need to sit quietly in the corner until Amazon outs an OS X edition.