Can't afford a scanning electron microscope? Here, borrow ours!

This could be awesome: Aspex, a company that makes scanning electron microscopes for those among us who need them, says you can send in stuff and they’ll put up pictures of it. Pictures they took through their scanning electron microscope. Ever wondered what coffee looks like up close? How about dustballs? Bananas?

Well, send ’em on in. If they can take Pharyngula’s traffic, they can take ours too. Follow the guidelines, please. You do have to fill out forms and stuff. They’ll take a snap with their desktop SEM and put it up in good time.

Update: ASPEX tells me that what they’re actually promoting (and taking pictures with) is a desktop SEM (the PSEM eXpress to be precise). As in, a scanning electon microscope that goes on your desktop. I have no problem with that.