Yahoo Meme Extends To Indonesia

We’ve written a lot about Yahoo Meme, Yahoo’s new microblogging platform that resembles Twitter. A few weeks Yahoo launched an API for Meme and also shed some light on where the social media site is being used; which seems to be mainly outside the U.S. According to Yahoo, Meme is gaining a following in Brazil, China, the Philippines, India and Turkey. Yahoo initially rolled out Meme in Portuguese, then Spanish and then English. Today, Yahoo is rolling out a native version of Meme in Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia. The Republic of Indonesia, which comprises over 17,500 islands, is the fourth most populous country in the world.

With the translation, Meme is actually spelled as “Mim” on the site, but it appears to have much of the same functionality as the other versions of the site. Yahoo meme lets users post their own content (including text, photos, videos, links and more) and repost the content of others with one-click publishing, allows users to follow other Meme users (via one-way connections, no friend authorization is required) and comment on their posts. Meme’s content limits are higher than Twitter’s—the limit is 2,000 characters.

Coincidentally, Twitter also recently made an announcement concerning Indonesia, launching a partnership with Indonesian mobile carrier AXIS to provide Tweets via SMS. While Yahoo Meme may be growing internationally, Twitter is aggressively going after international markets as well. The site most recently launched a version in Spanish and plans to roll out versions in French, German and Italian soon. Hopefully Meme doesn’t suffer the same fate as Yahoo’s social network in India, SpotM, which didn’t even make it to its first birthday.

Thanks for the tip Rama.