Sanyo rolls out "eneloop Stick Booster" for charging mobile devices


I know this thing looks like a …curling iron, but it’s not. The so-called Stick Booster [press release in English] is Sanyo’s newest addition to it’s ever-growing series of green, “eneloop”-branded products. You can use it to battery-charge your mobile devices.

The stick can house two AA-sized batteries and is being marketed as a “handy power source” for gaming handhelds, portable media players and cell phones in particular. It has a USB port, a charge output time of 90 minutes and can also be used for the iPhone as Sanyo itself emphasizes. Sized at 18 (diameter) x 148 (length) mm and sporting an aluminum body, the stick weigs 76g (including the batteries).


The batteries (that come packaged with the stick) can be recharged about 1,500 times. The device will hit Japanese stores at the beginning of next month and hasn’t been announced for international markets yet, but you can already pre-order it over Geek Stuff 4 U for $34.72 plus shipping.