The Boxee Box will rock your sox!


Boxee, everyone’s favorite HTPC software, just announced that the company just partnered with its first CE company. But that’s all the company is saying. We don’t know anything else. However, there is an event coming up on December 7th right around the corner from John’s house where we should learn more. I’m already excited though. Just think what this means.

Boxee is amazing program and many people geeks are already using it on their Apple TVs, HTPCs, and other devices. But it deserves so much more. The irony here is that the people with the necessary skills to get Boxee on their HDTVs currently probably don’t really need the super-user friendly interface found on Boxee. It’s the people that don’t have any idea what the hell Boxee is that really could benefit from the program.

Boxee is by far the easiest HTPC software to use. But not only that, the system is about as robust as you can ask for with the ability to stream media from countless online video sites and share viewing data with friends. It’s really HTPC software 2.0.

Hopefully the upcoming box will bring all the goods at a fair price. Considering just about any system that can output HD can run Boxee, I wouldn’t expect the box to cost all that much.