American Express to offer 50 $200 rebates on Best Buy purchases of $500 or more


I’m apprehensive to even post this since I, myself, have an American Express card and will absolutely be fighting against the rest of you barbarians for this very deal, but my commitment to reporting the news is just barely stronger than the urge to get $200 back on a $500 electronics purchase. Just barely.

So the deal is that at some unknown, magical point of the day on Wednesday, November 18th, registration will open up for American Express card holders. There will be 50 slots available and the first 50 people who register their card will get $200 credited back to their statement when a $500 or more purchase is made at Best Buy using the card.

Purchases must be made between November 18th and December 31st, and the $200 credit will apparently show up on your statement “within 3 to 5 days of the date you completed your qualifying purchase.”

There will also be another similar deal going on the same day: $40 back when you spend $100 or more. There are 125 registration slots for that deal.

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