GameStop details in-store DLC service, to be launched in 2010


It seems the Internet doesn’t like GameStop too much, so I’m not sure how this story will be received. The retailer announced at a conference in New York yesterday that it will launch some sort of in-store DLC service next year. That is, let’s say you buy Game, then immediately buy related DLC from inside the store via a special interface. (GameStop worked with both Sony and Microsoft to figure all this out.) Then, when you get home, the DLC is ready to be added to your game.

It’s merely a convenience thing, as, come on, who has time to buy a game at the store, go home, navigate Xbox Live or PSN, then download and apply the DLC?

GameStop’s COO gave a specific example:

If you love X-Men Origins: Wolverine, imagine being able to take home the physical copy at launch, plus have a few costumes and villains sent to your PS3 waiting for you when you get home.

No, this isn’t going to totally change the way you live your life, but it should be useful to those of you who, gasp, still buy things at a retail store.