Android 2.0 source released, already ported to the G1


While Android 2.0 has been floating around on Motorola DROIDs for over a week now, one important chunk of it has been under lock-and-key: the source. Even amongst manufacturing partners, we’re told, Google hasn’t been completely open; outside of Motorola (and more recently, HTC), most of the other handset manufacturers have been left out in the cold with nothing to keep them warm but Android v1.6. Until tonight, that is.

As the sun set over the Silicon Valley last night, Google pushed the source code for Android 2.0 to the Android Open Source Project. Within two hours, the endlessly able Android community had it up and running on the eldest Android of them all, the T-Mobile G1.

See that lock screen to the right? It doesn’t look like anything too special, but that’s the world’s first screen shot of Android 2.0 running on the G1.

According to leading Android hacker Cyanogen, everything is running “really well, fast and smooth”. The only thing not working properly at the moment is audio/video playback. Considering that they’ve gotten this far with just a few hours of porting work, it doesn’t seem too likely that will be an issue for long.

I’d assume it’ll be at least few days before they work out all the kinks and make the download/tutorial available to anyone willing to root (read: hack) their phone – but it’ll still probably be faster than waiting for an official patch from T-Mobile.