Shutter Buddy: Look up here. Atsa baby. Up here!


Babies, as we know, are dumb. They’ll look at any old thing. That’s why the Shutter Buddy is ingenious. You put this checkered hood over your camera, make a bunch of funny noises, and wham – instant smiley baby. Or instant crying baby. Or instant baby crawling off to the stairs to try to climb up the first two only to slip onto the floor and cry.

Wow, right? If I weren’t so sleep deprived I’d kick myself for not thinking of this.

In all honesty, though, isn’t this ingenious? It’s hard to get baby to pay attention to you so you’ve basically got something that grabs that attention and doesn’t let go. It’s a mere $19 and I’ll try to give it a go with young Milla, our one year old, and report back.