But wait, there's more: AT&T also adds LG Shine II to lineup

lg-shine-iiExtra, extra! Read all about it. AT&T becomes exclusive carrier for the LG Shine II. Well, that was fun, wasn’t it – making a big deal about yet another handset being launched on AT&T? Yes. Yes it was. All jokes aside, LG is launching its next-gen Shine, the LG Shine II, on AT&T whether you like it or not.

LG Shine II offers the latest in mobile innovation and form factor in one luminous device. Featuring polished round edges and an elegant slider design, LG Shine II brings sophistication into the palm of your hand with its stainless steel construction and streamlined shape.

I’m not sure the Shine II “offers the latest in mobile innovation,” but the Shine II does offer a 2.2” wide mirror LCD, Java 2.0 support, a “sleek” music player with customizable equalizer, music recognition and ringtone creator, and direct-to-device music download capabilities.

It also features built-in stereo Bluetooth, is enabled for AT&T Navigator, a 2MP camera with flash and video recording (plus an image editor that “allows users to resize, crop, rotate, color adjust photos, insert fun frames and produce mirror effects”), and access to our nation’s fastest 3G network.

The LG Shine II will be available at AT&T retail stores and online on November 22, 2009 for $119.99 (after mail-in rebate; $169.99 after two year agreement minus $50 AT&T Promotion Card = $119.99).