Coinstar: Get $10 bonus retail credit when you change in $40 or more


You guys use them newfangled corn star machines? Oh, Coinstar – that make more sense. I know I do, and I know longtime CrunchGear reader Johnal does because he sent in this tip.

When you dump in more than $40 worth of change between now and December 6th and you opt to receive your payout in the form of store credit at one of Coinstar’s participating retail partners, you’ll receive a $10 bonus gift card by mail.

If you’ve never used a Coinstar doodad before, they’re basically big machines found in grocery stores. You bring in your bucket of spare change and feed it into the machine, which then spits out a receipt that you can use to pay for your groceries or trade in for cash at the store’s customer service window. Coinstar takes a 7.5% cut of your earnings, though, unless you opt to either donate everything or turn it into retail credit.

Get $10 More When You Change $40 []

Thanks for sending this in, Johnal…