Good news: Mario Galaxy 2 will be hard; Bad news: they're not giving up on Wii Music

I haven’t played through all of Super Mario Galaxy, but what I did play was pretty forgiving. Compare that to the punishing, yet rewarding, difficulty curve of the original games or newer games like Demon’s Souls — it’s like comparing a sprint to a ramble. However, Miyamoto has stated in a recent interview that Mario Galaxy 2 will be “really challenging,” which is encouraging. They need to remember that their company has its roots in games that were hard as coffin nails.

On the other hand, Miyamoto also said that Wii Music was getting an enhanced version. I don’t know what to tell you there, Shigeru. The game is a joke, and all of Nintendo is humoring you. Don’t push it. Just make more Mega Man 9 type games and make sure the next Zelda has time travel in it.

[via 1UP and CVG; image from College Humor]