USB shoe dryer, USB eyelash curler, USB toothbrush sanitizer, USB blanket (Thanko)


Tokyo-based Thanko has brought us many USB-powered crap gadgets in the past. But in the last few days, the company has rolled out not one but four of those gadgets in rapid succession: A USB shoe dryer, USB eyelash curler, USB toothbrush sanitizer case, and a USB blanket (all links in Japanese). And you can get all of this stuff even if you live outside Japan.


The USB shoe dryer is shaped like a sleeping dog for some reason and looks like this (it’s pictured on top of this post again). It costs approximately $23 in Thanko’s online store.


Thanko is now also selling an eyelash curler you can connect to your computers USB port. Don’t ask me why. Price: About $23.


Thanko’s USB-powered toothbrush sanitizer case (based on infrared) is available for $40.10 over at Geek Stuff 4 U.


This USB blanket is kind of Japan’s answer to the Snuggie, even though you won’t look as cool wearing it. Price: About $23.

If you’re interested in any of these devices for some reason and don’t live in Japan, please don’t hesitate to contact Geek Stuff 4 U who now seem to closely collaborate with Thanko for international distribution.