Video: Left 4 Dead 4 NES

The “de-make” is a class of indie game where a popular new game is crushed into a low-fidelity environment; we’ve seen D-Pad Hero, Gang Garrison II (my favorite), and a whole competition based on the idea over at The Independent Gaming Source.

The latest victim of this ridiculous trend is Left 4 Dead, which has apparently been recreated in loving 8-bit fashion by one Eric Ruth. It’s worth mentioning that it had an even more deconstructive de-make in Left 4k Dead, but this one is more extensive. Would it be too much to ask to make a zombie version of River City Ransom?


The game, about 30% done at this point, will be released to PC gamers in early January and will comprise all four missions from start to finish, with special infected and everything. So awesome.

[via 1up]