World's smallest NAS: the Thecus N0204

large_img_137So this is kind of cool. It’s a NAS that uses 2.5″ hard drives, making for a much smaller form factor. In fact, it’s about the size of a standard USB hard drive enclosure.

The Thecus N0204 will use either HDD or SSD drives, with a maximum capacity of 1TB. Due to the fact that the NAS only has two bays, you are of course restricted to RAID 0, 1, or JBOD. The best part? The price. The Thecus N0204 retails for just $150; you’ll have to provide your own drives, though.

The Thecus also functions as a print server, which could be handy. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC networks and will work with Wi-Fi orGigabit LAN via the ethernet connection on the back of the unit.

[via Legit Reviews]