Burton Vice Mitts keep your hands warm and your (energy) drink cold

mittensLiving up by Lake Tahoe, I’m always on the lookout for new gadgets and technology for when I go snowboarding. Case in point: the Burton Vice Mitt. Okay, it’s a mitt, but what’s the vice part? A drink holder, you say?

Designed for skiers and snowboarders, the Vice Mitts are made up of high tech fabric and leather, and feature a zip-out “koozie” that allows you to hold a beverage without your hand getting cold. Seems like an obvious thing really, but Burton is the first company to have this feature. I guess the other guys were afraid people might misuse it. Only energy drinks in that koozie, people!

Priced at $70, the Burton Vice Mitts are probably going to be something I’m going to purchase this year before the season starts.

[via Dvice]