Comics about video blogs. Dr. Horrible hits shelves today.

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Comic books seem to be quite the staple in the Whedonverse bag of tricks. Buffy comes to an end? Comic books. Firefly gets cancelled? Serenity just isn’t enough? Comic books. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is done? Bam. Comic Books. Today is no exception, as the prequel to Dr. Horrible went on sale in full-color glory.

If you were looking for some origin story on the Dr. Horrible / Capt. Hammer feud, you’ve probably already read the three digital prequels Zack Whedon did. If not, you can still find them on the Dark Horse Comics myspace page. This one however, is the first physical version released, so go get your copy anywhere that retails Bad Horse Dark Horse comics. This one-shot issue will set you back $3.50, but its oh so worth it.