Control your Benz with an iPhone or BlackBerry app

mbraceHughes Telematics has created an app, mbrace, that will give lucky owners of certain Mercedes-Benz models the ability to control numerous functions of their car. Say your Benz is lost in a parking lot full of BMWs and Jags, the app can help you find your way.

You can even unlock the car right from your phone, although you should probably wait until you’re within eyesight to do so. The app can also contract roadside assistance or emergency services if you run out of gas or get into an accident. But there’s a catch; it’s not included in the price of the car.

Well, the first six months are free, but after that it costs $280 per year. The service is currently only available on certain new Benz models, but older models can be retrofitted for the service.

It seems that the service can even be ported to different vehicles with a bit of work. Hopefully Mercedes-Benz is just the first manufacturer to offer this service.