CrunchDeals: Buy a white DSi, get a free game or headset


Remember the good old days when video game machines ALWAYS came with a free game? Sometimes even two! Nintendo had Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, Sega had Hang On! and Astro Warrior. Well that gravy train ended a while ago but you can hop back on, today only, as Amazon is offering a free game or headset with the purchase of a white Nintendo DSi.

Now don’t get too excited just yet. Your game options are limited to Style Lab: Makeover, Style Lab: Jewelry Design, Dinosaur King, or Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and your headset options are limited to just the Nintendo DS Ear Force D2.

Here’s to hoping that there’s a kid in footy pajamas somewhere out there begging his or her parents for a white DSi and Style Lab: Makeover and that those parents say, “Sorry honey but we only have $170 to spend! We can only afford the DSi, but not the game. Now give us some quiet time to read CrunchGear.”

If that’s you, enjoy. Offer’s good today only.

Buy a White DSi, Get a Select Game or Headset Free []