Music Card: Credit card-like MP3 player with built-in speaker (video)


Japan-based gadget maker Strapya is offering the so-called Music Card MP3 Player (the link leads to their English store), an MP3 player that houses a speaker and an earphone plug but is still just 5mm (0.20″) thin. Sized at 5.4×8.6cm, the player weighs 20g.

Strapya says the headphone jack is just 2.5mm and ships fitting earphones with the player itself, but they’ll also give buyers an adapter so they can use their 3.5mm headphones as well. You can connect the player to your PC or Mac via USB and store MP3 or WMA files in its 2GB internal memory. If you don’t use the built-in speaker, you can listen to music for about 15 hours before the battery needs to be recharged.


Strapya is selling various versions of the Music Card (gold credit card, three chocolate bar-type models, vintage camera (?), and cassette tape). The player costs $26.40, with Strapya shipping ready to ship it worldwide.


Here’s the weird – but official – promo video for the device (subbed in English):