NewTek's new mobile HD video production vehicle. As opposed to those unmobile HD video production vehicles.

HD CooperIs CrunchGear gradually turning into a car blog? We test drove a Chevy Volt concept, saw the Subaru snowtank, and tested the Telsa Roadster Sport. I sense a disturbing trend… But at least this next car we looked at is 100% geek through and through. It’s the world smallest HD video production studio, crammed inside of a Mini Cooper.

This rolling HD rig is a Clubman S with a turbocharged 16-valve engine. It’s a part of NewTek TriCasts America: Stream or Die Tour, a coast to coast trek showcasing NewTek’s new line of HD video gear. Setting out to prove that you no longer need massive production trucks to do on-the-spot video streaming, NewTek put their new TriCaster XD300 unit along with the rest of a HD studio in 9.2 cubic feet of cargo space. It’s capable of taking three HD video streams, manipulating them just as you would in a full-sized studio, and streaming them live in glorious glorious high definition.

For podcasters or anyone who wants to stream to the internet, the XD300 allows you to do so in HD essentialy as a one-man show. You can manipulate the video / audio in real time using the included control surface even while the cameras are rolling. You can expect these units before the year is out.