Is Sony trying to get Firefox ported to the PS3?


So this is reasonably exciting. Some super secret source told PlayStation Insider that Sony has talked to Mozilla about porting Firefox to the PS3. Note the wording of that sentence: talks about porting Firefox . Needless to say, if this is even true, then we’re at a very early stage of development.

It’s no secret that the PS3 Web browser isn’t the best one out there, and porting Firefox would give Sony another bullet point to put on a press release: “Runs Firefox (Does your Xbox 360? Thought not.)” I’m not sure how often people use their PS3 Web browser, so I don’t know if this will end up being a huge deal from a users’ standpoint, but yeah, I just see it as something Sony can have over its competitors.

I seem to recall the Xbox “scene” trying to port over Mozilla and/or Firefox to the Xbox1 back in the day, but the people were like, “The code base is a giant mess, it’d take many, many hours to get it to run on the Xbox.”

Of course, people have had the ability to run Firefox on the PS3 for some time—provided you install Linux on the system, which you can’t do anymore.