Review: Nyko Charge Base IC plus giveaway


Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the Wii-holder. The Charge Base IC is a $34.99 induction charging device for Wiimotes and looks like something out of a Frank Lloyd Wright sketchbook. The base sits firmly on the ground while sweeping cantilevered arms reach out to cradle your Wiimotes with magnets. It’s almost graceful, this amalgamation of clear and white plastic, the glorious sense of weightlessness, the architectural stability with just a touch of grandeur.

But darn it if the lights on this thing aren’t too bright.

See, these sorts of devices are great for a kid’s room. You stick it in there behind the Build-a-bears and the homemade hamster launcher and forget about it. However, there are large, blue LEDs under the clear plastic Wiimote holders that are bright enough to see even in the day time. For adults you’re faced with a quandary: hide your Wiimote charger in a closet or put it out for all to see, the bright blue lights signaling to house guests that yes, you are a gamer, and yes, you’re shameless about it. This is fine if you are actually a gamer but not so nice if you’re a Bishop or Special Forces Captain.

At $34.99 this is a nice charging solution. It uses induction so there are no contacts to get gummed up and you can charge through your Wiimote’s plastic sleeve. The magnets hold the controllers in place while charging and you have an extra USB port for other accessories – PS3 controllers, maybe – as well as a pass through plug that lets you free up an extra outlet.

Barring the lights these things are great. You slap your controller in there and yank it off when you’re ready to rumble. No more battery changes and no more trying to find the sweet spot for your non-inductive charger. Also, if you place one of those old fashioned toilet paper cozies over it – you know the kind that your grandma used to knit and it looks like a Barbie doll wearing a large, pre-Civil War Scarlett O’Hara dress and it’s designed so that Barbie’s legs go into the hold in the paper to hide said paper from the house guests? – you could pretend that your Barbie is from outer space and that her underwear glows.

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If you happen to have one of those toilet paper cozies lying around, you’re in luck. We’re giving away five of these Nyko Charge Base IC devices for you and your’n. Just comment below and we’ll pick five winners on Tuesday.