Rolls-Royce joins Volvo in exclusive club


The 2010 Rolls-Royce model line has something very distinctly in common with all new Volvos. It has nothing to do with the engines, safety ratings, comfort, or design. Nope, none of that. Any guesses?

Rolls-Royce joins Volvo as the only manufacturers to offer HD radio as a standard feature in every model. Of course that’s only the new Ghost and three different variants of the Phantom. Previously HD radio was only an option, but someone high-up in Rolls-Royce probably enjoys listening to AM HD radio and wanted to make sure everyone had access to it.

Mercedes-Benz also is slowly rolling out the radio option and it’s a standard option in many model’s premium feature packages and Audi previously stated that that by 2011 all models will have it as well.