Review: Nyko Wand Action Pak

Although only a few Wii games support the light gun concept, if you’re a heavy player you may want to look into getting the $39.99 Wand Action Pack if you’re planning on adding a controller to your line-up.

This kit includes Nyko’s Wand Wiimote – essentially an exact clone of Nintendo’s product – along with a sleeve and gun attachment for light gun games.

Nyko seems to have been forced to create a controller that is functionally identical to the Wiimote but cosmetically different. Purists will be off-put by the bright red and square A button and the odd placement of the home button over the plus and minus keys. The cross keypad is also a bit odd with strange corners sticking out between the three directional keys. However, considering the WiiMote costs $39.99 on a bad day and $35 on a good one, you’re getting a bit more for your money with this pack.

Bottom Line
I’ve had little trouble with Nyko devices and their chargers are first rate. The purists among you – you know who you are – will balk at the styling but the bargain hunters among you will realize it’s a pretty good deal, especially if you play gun games.

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