Union Square Best Buy: Your Exclusive Keytar Dealer

bestbuyflagshipSo is everyone totally freakin’ stoked about the new Best Buy in New York City?! Yeah, I didn’t think so. But if you need a late night electronics fix and you’re around Union Square, the brand-new flagship store is open 24-hours a day. First one in the world, actually.

Did anyone else miss out on the fact that Best Buy sells musical instruments now? I had no idea, but apparently over 80 stores across the country now carry your standard rhythm section fare of drums, guitars, and basses, along with a full DJ gear section and live sound equipment. They seem to be working towards crafting the store into a venue as well. Past performers  at the Union Square position include 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, will.i.am, and Rihanna. But playing a show in a Best Buy? Is that’s what cool these days? Cool enough for pop music I guess. You can follow the store on Facebook for updates on whose playing.

But the best part about all this (yes there is a best part) is that this store has an exclusive deal with Roland to carry the Roland Ax-Synth. That’s right. Keytars are back in business baby!


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