Video: Apple sees Verizon's iDont campaign, raises them simultaneous voice-and-data


DING! The school bell rings. Time for recess at Mobile Industry Elementary.

Tension is high. During the last break, Verizon took a swing at that little Apple boy by pointing out all the things his toys could do that Apple’s toys couldn’t. The hallways erupted with a deafening “Ooooooooh!”; all of the kids began to form a circle around the two. “Fight, fight, fight, fight!” they clamored.

Suddenly, Apple’s dopey friend AT&T dove in. “I CHOOSE YOU, LUKE WILSON!“, he shouted. Luke Wilson appeared from a cloud of smoke, throwing two vagrant punches before succumbing to his greatest weakness; someone said “Wait, who are you?” – and just like that, Luke was gone. The bell rang, and recess was over.

This time, things would be different. Apple was ready to stand on its own. He walked over to Verizon, tapping him on the shoulder. “Fine. You’ve got a fancy flash on your camera, and you can do background processing. Sure, you’ve got a physical keyboard – that’s great. But can you do this?” he said, pulling out his iPhone. He dialed a few numbers, and then spoke into the phone. “Oh, hey – Verizon’s mom? Which movie did you want to see? Where the Wild Things are? Great, one second, let me look up the times.” He pops into the browser, tapping at the keys. “Looks like there’s a show at 8. I’ll pick you up at 7? KISSES.”