Contest: 10 free codes for Pet Acoustics Pet Jingles app

pet-jinglesIf you got excited reading about the Pet Acoustics app for pets, but were dismayed by the whopping $2 price tag, here’s some holiday cheer that might help your heart grow three sizes larger: we have ten codes for the Pet Jingles holiday app from Pet Acoustics! And just like Santa, we’re going to make a list, and check it twice. How do you get on that list? I’m glad you asked!

To enter our little contest, just send an email to with the subject “PET JINGLES”, and include a picture or video of you and your pet sharing some holiday cheer. Whether it’s listening to Ol’ Blue Eyes croon some carols, or making a snowman together, or decorating the family tree, the cuter the better! The cuteness is strictly for our viewing pleasure, as the codes will be doled out first come, first served – so act fast. Your picture or video will be posted when we announce the winners, to help spread holiday cheer to all the CrunchGear readers!

And for those of you that have already bought the Pet Jingles app, or will buy it because you don’t win the contest, you can feel extra good about yourselves: a portion of every sale of Pet Jingles goes to the American Humane Association!